Shaping Generations to Come

The main goal of our volunteers and mentors is to connect with and support the uprooted children, building skills and confidence to be successful in school and in the community. Our mentors act as hosts of a new home, and are leading examples of compassion within our communities.

Most mentors connect with their kids twice a week. Whether it’s traditional mentoring in literacy, art, science, math, or being a friend in need, our volunteers consistently make deep, life-changing connections with some of San Diego’s most precious and promising youths.

The Impact

More Than Just Mentorship

Educational success is not achieved alone, it takes a village. And when kids are set up to succeed, it benefits everyone around them for the long haul.

Better Grades

Kupanda students are supported in their social and emotional development and see increased grades and test scores by 11 points.

Higher Income

Kupanda strives for all of its girls to graduate high school, increasing their lifetime incomes by more than 500%.

Greater Success

Kupanda students are more likely to reach the 10th grade on time and on track, becoming 3x more likely to graduate high school.

Be A Part of Positive Change

We’re fortunate to have an administrative team that’s entirely volunteer, which means 100% of all donations go directly to efforts that benefit the kids. This includes improving access to computers and wifi, tools and tech to make study environments more productive, subscriptions to online tutoring platforms, as well as food security and utility costs for the families during economic downturns.

Help secure a more promising future for refugee children.
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How To Volunteer

Let’s work to connect you with a kid today.

If volunteering is not feasible at this time, please consider a donation to help keep our vital programs running, and our kids learning.